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Troubleshooting: Apple TV App

If you run into:

  • Excessive video buffering
  • The video does not run
  • Audio synchronization problems
  • No sound
  • You are requested to log in repeatedly on the website 
  • Videos disappear
  • Other strange app behavior

Try these basic trouble shooting tips as a first step and see if your Apple TV experience improves:

1) Restart your Apple TV device.
2) Delete and reinstall the Apple TV Europe+ app. Here’s how top do it.
3)Unplug your Apple TV device, leave it off for 30 seconds, plug it in again to reset it.
4) Make sure your Apple TV device is connected to the Internet. 

5) Restart your WiFi modem.
6) Make sure your Apple TV system software is up to date. Here’s how to update it.

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Still need help?
If none of the above helps to solve the problem, contact our technical support team.