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Why do I have an error with my payment method?

If you have an error with the payment method, here are some recommendations to ensure that your payment method is valid to start a Europa+ subscription:

  • Confirm that your debit or credit card allows online payments.
  • Confirm that your debit or credit card allows international payments (does not apply in Mexico).
  • When you start your free trial NO CHARGE IS MADE, but a confirmation of the payment method is made for 0.50 ctvs USD, 50ARS or $11 MXN, these never leave your account. Make sure you have enough funds for this confirmation.
  • Correctly capture your debit or credit card data:
  • Name as it appears on your card, Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV Code of your card.
  • Important: American Express cards are not accepted from Argentina.

If you need more assistance you can write to